Our Vision

Scout Road Academy children have the skills, knowledge and attitudes to flourish and succeed as they move forward in life. They develop in a culture of respect, determination and positivity.  

Our Values

Positivity, Respect, Determination.

Our Ethos

Scout Road Academy is a happy school with the right balance of challenge and fun; a safe place where good behaviour is expected and restorative practices are used to teach self-discipline; an inclusive place where we celebrate our differences and encourage parental involvement; and a place with strong family values, where every teacher knows every child individually and where every child is recognised and treated as an equal.

At Scout Road Academy we believe in a holistic approach to teaching and learning where all areas of a child’s development are nurtured. We support every child to achieve not just their potential but their wider potential and actively encourage individual thought and expression. We are a close community, supporting and challenging each other to ‘have a go and keep going when the going gets tough.’ That’s how we achieve the high expectations we set for others and ourselves. 

Our Aims

  1. To be an inclusive school and to put into place the practice in all aspects of our work that ensures that all learners are given equality of opportunity and treated fairly.
  2. To promote and achieve high standards for all by providing teaching and learning of the highest quality.
  3. To treat learners as individuals and to differentiate teaching and learning to take account of their individual and special needs.
  4. To provide well for learners’ physical, mental, social, spiritual, moral and cultural needs.
  5. To provide well for learners’ care, health and safety.
  6. To ensure that all learners benefit from a rich, broad, balanced curriculum presented in an interesting, exciting and imaginative manner with lots of opportunities for first-hand experience, practical work, investigation and learning through play.
  7. To teach basic skills and core subjects well and to give great emphasis to the foundation subjects and RE and especially to the creative aspects including art, poetry, story, dance, music, performance. These will be central to our work.
  8. To make connections between subjects and to apply basic skills across the curriculum.
  9. To enliven and enrich the curriculum by visits, visitors, and extensive use of the environment.
  10. To give responsibility to learners and develop their self-confidence by contributing to the community.
  11. To make parents and the wider community equal partners with the school and to involve them in the evaluation of its success.
  12. To build an ethos marked by a welcoming, friendly, bright and lively, happy place where learners feel secure. A place where good behaviour is expected and where learners enjoy growing up. To make this school a place of enjoyment where success is celebrated