A range of formative, summative and statutory assessment will be used to assess the progress and attainment of a pupil during their time at Scout Road Academy.


The Reception Year

On entry in to the Reception year a baseline assessment will be carried out to find out what your child already knows and what he/ she can do. The baseline is carried out in the first 3 to 4 weeks of beginning school. After that your child will be continually assessed through a series of observations and their progress will be recorded against Development Matters in key specific areas. At the end of the year they will be assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile which will give an indication of whether your child is emerging, expected or exceeding in the key areas.


Year 1

In the first term of Year 1 a teacher assessment is made in literacy and numeracy to obtain a Y1 baseline. Towards the end of Y1 pupils do a phonics screening test which indicates whether they have achieved a good level of phonics knowledge or if they are still working towards a good level of phonics knowledge.


Year 2

In Y2 pupils will take their SATs in reading writing and maths .These tests are based on teacher assessments. Any child who did not reach a good level of phonics will re take the phonics screening.



Year 4

In Y4 pupils will take the multiplication check. This is a statutory test. Please find further information here.



At the end of KS2 are the statutory Y6 SATs. These are tests in Writing, Maths, Reading and Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG). The written test is assessed by the teacher but all other tests are externally marked. Pupils are marked against the expected levels for the end of KS2. Parents will receive a report with their child's score towards the end of term 3.


Ongoing assessments

All our pupils are assessed at the end of each term by their teachers. We have an on-going system of assessment in school eg writing assessment book, maths tests, science tests etc. We also have a system of moderation both in school and within our cluster of schools to ensure our assessment system is robust.


For any further information on assessment in school please ask your child’s teacher