(Personal, Social and Health Education)



In PSHE, we give our children the knowledge, understanding and emotions to enable them to play an active role in society. We encourage children to have confidence in their own thoughts and believe that anything is possible if they put their mind to it. We promote respect, determination, positivity and tolerance for those who choose to live their lives differently to others. Having the ability to stay safe and healthy is a high priority and children are equipped to make informed decisions.


All pupils have a weekly PSHE lesson. Long and medium term planning had been developed by the PSHE lead to ensure progression through school and age appropriate teaching. PSHE lessons within the classroom are supported by assemblies, visitors from the community and specialists such as road safety, bikeability, Upper Key Stage 2 residential trip, first aid training, emergency services and drugs awareness.

We complement our PSHE curriculum with opportunities in other areas of the curriculum, such as trips and visitors within our RE curriculum, visitors in assembly and inviting parents to craft sessions in school.


We believe that a meaningful PSHE curriculum is the key to children becoming respectful, confident, tolerant and well-rounded adults. Scout Road Academy children understand and are part of their local community. Scout Road children can approach a range of real-life situations and apply their skills and attributes to help navigate themselves through modern life. From exposure to a range of global issues and problems, children can build up tolerance and a sense of responsibility of being a global citizen.


The school promotes inclusion, independence and challenge for pupils with SEND through adjustments based upon individual needs; these may be to the curriculum itself or to access arrangements.  Details of these adjustments can be found in Individual Education Plans or devised by the school and sometimes with advice and guidance from external agencies. SEND have unique learning profiles and needs and teachers build expertise over time in teaching the children in their class.  For this reason, teachers are responsible for the differentiation of learning in their classes. 

PSHE in action:

In Y5/6 our children create a business plan and with support from our PTFA they plan a stall for the summer fayre. They have first hand experience in running a business and working out how they can make a profit.


Scout Road Academy were very lucky to work closely with 'Unmasked Mental Health' who provided us with a series of workshops across each class, focussing heavily on Y6 in their transitionary period (summer 21).

A special thank you to both Doug and Logan.


We believed firmly that the show must go on, despite a pandemic.

We created an outdoor theatre to give our children the opportunity of acting on 'stage' for their parents. These life experiences are invaluable and are truly a snapshot in time of a child's opportunity whist in primary school.

Thank you to all the parents who made this possible.